Activity tokens
The last of the social tokens used by Candao are activity tokens. They are fungible tokens minted globally and distributed across every Candao account to track its social interactions with a social network.
Initially, there will be 3 types of activity tokens circulating in the Candao network:
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Subscriptions (Follows)
The total supply of each of these tokens will be set at 10 trillion, and each newly minted account will receive 100 000 tokens from each category (i.e., 100 000 likes, dislikes, subscriptions, and unsubscriptions). Even though the above tokens are on-chain assets, Candao platform members do not gain full ownership over them (in other words, they can’t be transferred to another wallet, bought or sold). The only way a token can be transferred is by entering into one of the intended social interactions with other Candao network objects (profile, feed, comment, etc.). All movements of activity tokens will be recorded on-chain and translated into a fully transparent activity log visible via the Candao Chain.
Alice clicked the "like" button under one of the posts published by Luke. From the Candao Chain perspective, this activity looks as follows:
  • Digital ID - [Luke] has minted a new NFT - [post]
  • New sub-wallet wa created for NFT [post]
  • Token [like] has been transferred from Allice likes wallet to [post] wallet
Pic. 6 - Activity tokens explanation
If it happens that a Candao member uses all of his activity tokens, their original amount can be refilled on demand (a small CDO fee will be applicable).
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