Asset tokens
Assets tokens are NFTs that can be compared to "items" that can be minted in a specific quantity by Candao ecosystem participants. Members of the Candao social platform will gain access to asset forgery, allowing them to create and customize their own social assets. The following customisations will be included:
  • Assets quantity.
  • Value of the single asset.
  • Asset graphic thumbnail.
  • Picture/Video/Sound connected with the asset.
  • Name.
  • Description.
  • Initial value locked inside the asset (in CDO tokens).
Once the above parameters are set, Candao will calculate the CDO cost of minting these assets (a small % CDO commission fee will be included). If the user accepts the cost and effectively approves the minting transaction, his newly created assets will become available on his Cando profile.
Assets can be transferred via the Candao platform to any other user or traded on an open blockchain market (similarly to how NFT trading works).
Since assets are NFTs, their value is purely speculative, similar to collectibles. However, if their creator chose to lock a specific number of CDO tokens inside them, this value can be reclaimed by burning NFT in the Candao forgery.
Example: The Tesla public profile launched a promotional campaign and minted 100 Tesla badges as Candao assets. The Tesla Badge will entitle its owner to a one-off discount on any Tesla car bought in Tesla showrooms equal to the current USD value of the badge (no more than 99%).
During their forgery, Tesla decided that the value locked in each of these badges should be equal to 10,000 CDO tokens. Badges were then distributed via Tesla's social lottery to 100 winners.
Some of the winners decided to keep the badges and wait, and some decided to burn them in Candao forgery to reclaim the 10k CDO tokens locked inside. Over time, the value of the CDO token has increased 10 times from the moment Tesla badges were minted. Owners who chose to keep their badges can now use them to purchase their dream Tesla car for less than 1-5% of its market value.
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