Candao Messenger - missing decentralised network GEM
Product explanation
So far, no DEFI product has come close to establishing a new standard for secure, decentralized, token-based communication.
Since communication is the foundation on which the entire Candao vision is built, we believe that the development of such a communicator is one of our strategic goals and must-have elements of the Candao Ecosystem.
We’ve identified key features of ideal “decentralised communicators” as:
  • Available as: web-based application, mobile application and desktop application
  • Messages are transmitted as blockchain hashes; every message sent from person A to B is similar to transaction happening between two wallets
  • Actual content of the message is being encrypted in a way that only sender and recipients are able to decrypt them (preferably by using secure wallets)
  • Communicator should also enable users to transfer files and blockchain assets like tokens or NFTs
  • Every transfer of files or digital assets should go through escrow validation (requiring pre-approval of both sides of a transaction to proceed with it).
Pic. 9 - Candao Messenger as on-chain communicator
Each message sent via Candao Messenger will be treated as a secure, tokenized transaction between two wallets. Each conversion will begin by generating a secure hash of the chat members' wallet IDs. This hash will eventually be used as an encryption and decryption mechanism for messages exchanged via a dedicated blockchain of message-validating nodes.
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