Product explanation
CandaoPad is a progressive, allocation-free, trustless social launchpad on which you vote if your money should be unlocked to the fund-raiser based on pre-agreed KPIs. The following list summarizes the most important features of the CandaoPad, differentiating it from other launchpads on the market:
  • Progressive KPI based fund release - investors who participated in IDO have been converted into the Venture-Capital Governance Group, with the ability to vote on IDO fund releases.The progressive release mechanics are based on predefined release timelines and voting dates. There are 2 types of voting available: - fund release (51% of participating votes is required, no quorum requirement ) - funding cancellation (⅗ of votes required with minimal quorum of 50%)
    Funded projects can request to postpone the deadline for specific fund-release voting if delivery of KPIs is delayed.
  • Progressive allocation price - solving the issue of too small allocation values or lottery tickets. Each allocation price will be subject to small so-called "bonding curve" pricing; the earlier you join, the lower the allocation price, and thus you will have a better position as an early investor.As more people are coming in and buying the tickets, the allocation price goes up. Unlike other bonding curves, the allocation price curve is not infinite; the upper threshold is determined by the amount of funds expected to be collected by the fundraisers.
  • Anti-whale system - To protect their launchpad from whales seeking a dominant position, fundraisers can set a maximum individual allocation cap of x%.
  • Tokenization of equity shares - The Candao team will work on providing an optional "legal gate" to tokenize equity shares of companies standing behind funded projects. This would mean that investors would gain options not only to control the project itself, but the parent company as well (e.g., enforce publication of financial statements, dividend issuance, etc.).
  • Integration with Metascan and Candaochain - Since participating in CandaoPad will be possible only for registered Candao ecosystem members, investors will also gain access to on-chain history and a summary of fundraisers.
  • Tasks - fundraisers will get access to admin marketing panel, and will be able to define social-networking tasks, completion of which will result in getting airdrop-lottery tickets or automatic tokens giveaways.
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