How CDO tokens is embed into product
Utilizing MetaScan and Matchify will be closely paired with your Candao account level; please refer to Loyalty & Activity Appreciation for more details. The higher your CDO staking score (i.e., the more and longer you stake), the more Matchify and Metascan functionalities you’ll unlock.
Detailed functions and data limits accessible per specific account level will be published by the Candao team separately.
From high level perspective, this differentiation will be oriented at:
  • Number of transaction/records you can display or extract in csv file in a single request
  • Timeline of analytical summaries and analysis (e.g. last 30, 80, 180, 360 days)
  • Amount of accounts you can track
  • Amount and kinds of alerts you can set (monits about certain events)
  • Data sets you have access to (onchain activity, off-chain activity, chains, investments, top wallets, extract of all transactions history, etc.)
  • Access to AI assistant (spotting red-flags, detecting trends, making suggestions based on queries).
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