Product explanation
The Metascan was partially covered in the previous section, but since it has additional functionalities (atop interpreting CandaoChain data), it is covered separately.
Any Candao ecosystem member will be able to use the basic meta-scan cross-chain scan function for free, simply by pasting their wallet into the meta-scan search field. After you click "search," metascan will run a query to gather and analyze all relevant blockchain data related to the wallet address that has been entered.
It means anyone will be able to view:
  • Wallet portfolio (tokens held & their value)
  • Recent transactions
  • Activite liquidity pools and staking investments
  • Average number of transactions & volume
  • Overall value of portfolio (current and historical)
At an early stage, metascan will cover 3 basic chains: ETH, BSC, and Polygon. Over time, it will be able to scan all relevant chains in DEFI space.
It is also intended to be a universal space for tracking token-related metrics (similarly to CoinMarketCap or Coingecko).
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