Social tokens
Unlike NFT IDs, social tokens are fungible assets, which means they are divisible and transferable in decimal amounts, in contrast to NFTs, which are separate, non-divisible objects (i.e. you can only transfer them as a "whole", transferring "half of the NFT" is technically impossible).
Social tokens are associated with NFT IDs; for each newly created Candao account, [n] Social Tokens are generated (abbreviated "PT"). If an account is created as a result of a referral from another account, the recommending account receives an automatic 1% bonus on all PTs associated with the newly created account. The bonus will initially be 1%. Later it will decrease according to the established algorithm.
Example 1: Alex has just created an account in Candao. He learned about it on YouTube and decided to visit via the youtuber's referral link. Alex will receive 10,000 social tokens, while the recommended YouTuber will receive 100ST tokens linked to Alex's NFT ID.
Example 2: John was informed about Candao by a friend. He navigated to the website without using any referral links and created an account on his own. John will receive a total of 10,000 ST tokens. There is no referral bonus available.
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