ST - single transaction limit & translation fee
In order to avoid unhealthy speculative operations on high-profile ST tokens (like buying out 99% of ST supply by a single wallet in order to gain “whale” position). Candao has decided to enforce following anti-whale measures:
  • ST tokens can be bought and sold only by CDO ecosystem participants (wallet address entering into transaction must have Candao digital ID)
  • Maximum amount of ST tokens that can be held by a single wallet is: - 1% for Standard NFT ID - 5% for Bronze NFT ID - 10% for Silver NFT ID - 15% for Gold NFT ID
  • Single purchase/sell transaction of ST tokens can involve no more than 5% of total ST circulating supply.
Also, in order to protect ST tokens from bot-trading or fake volume generation, every buy/sell transaction involving ST tokens, is subjected to a small 0.3% fee in CDO tokens (deducted either from ST tokens being bought, or CDO tokens received for selling them).
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