The Social Space of Candao - A High-Level Overview.
The preceding sections discussed the Candao business model and overall mentality. This section defines Candao from the standpoint of a typical user.
At a high level, the Candao network is a simple-to-use social networking platform with a diverse range of functions and products available to all Candao members. The following list summarizes several of the functions that are expected to be included in our platform utilities:
  • Users will be able to create their own profiles and feeds.
  • Users will build and develop their profiles' strengths and unique characteristics in a manner reminiscent of a role-playing game. Individuals with stronger profiles will receive additional incentives.
  • The activity appreciation system will monitor and detect the actions of valuable users. Returning, high-value users will earn additional profile badges and will receive additional incentives as a result. Certain levels of activity must be maintained or the profile's strength (and thus the incentive amount) will deteriorate.
  • Every user's feed board (like on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram) will be customized for every user based on their historical searches and activity tendency.
  • Users will be able to toggle between different types of feeds (e.g., only short videos, video/pics, only photos, and full feeds (posts)).
  • To increase transparency between people, all activities performed in the Candao social space will be recorded as on-chain activities.
  • Members will have full access to a variety of products (for more information, please refer to the following section), as well as numerous opportunities to participate in social competitions with native token prizes.
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