1. Introduction & Vision

The world today is full of apps, full of places to entertain ourselves and spend money and time. This has brought enormous challenges for the actual society, like:

  • Constant and growing cyber attacks

  • People impersonation

  • Fake accounts

  • Forced and pushed advertising

  • forced terms and conditions that no one understands

  • Leak of personal information

  • Sale of personal preferences, search history, pictures shared.

Literally, today's landscape of Social Networks is a slavery system where all the users subscribed and registered in plenty of social media apps, are daily losing more and more power and privacy as minimum, while the companies behind are benefiting from it trying to avoid the regulations and moral needs.

Our concept of humans, of society, of person, are in danger. We have detected and summarize the main 3 challenges of every social media user today:

1. Unfairness

Modern social networks, built by collective efforts, have deprived users of due benefits. Users have traded their privacy and time for minor entertainment, leading to issues like lack of security, diminished privacy, and loss of control over personal data. These platforms have profited centrally without fairly compensating the community that sustains them.

2. Fragmentation

Users navigate multiple apps to meet specific needs, lacking a singular platform that consolidates digital interactions without compromising integrity, privacy, and control.

3. Distribution

The predominant social networks and web 2.0 apps fail to distribute rewards or benefits to their members. Despite user content and interactions driving these platforms' success, there remains a glaring lack of value distribution to the very community that fuels them.

Our goal is to reshape this landscape. Candao is the pioneering force behind the BlockchainVerse, a self-developing protocol addressing these major challenges in today's social-network landscape.

In the Candao’s BlockchainVerse, we developed the first social network on the blockchain, with all the tools and capabilities for the community to build the social network as needed, with proposal and voting systems, fair distribution for every one, content creation rewards, self-regulated community, true objective indexes of performance and popularity, true privacy profiles, true multiple-profession profiles, true secure connections, avoiding all the issues and negligences of the actual social media apps.

We envision a system where the user isn't exploited but empowered, with enhanced opportunities and data control, and mostly, free. Free of all the actual social networks issues.

Candao’s BlockchainVerse is backed by a seasoned team:

  • Robert Wesker: Co-Founder, ex-CEO of a pioneering, 3 mln users social network predating Facebook. Blending tech with sociology for perfect social experience.

  • Paweł Barylski: Co-Founder, blockchain technology enthusiast, early Bitcoin investor since 2012, and certified process innovator.

  • Dev Team: Successfully launched multiple projects on the mainnet.

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