4.3 Multistore Enginer

What's your next position on the buyer list? New car? New watch? New shirt? New laptop? Real estate? It doesn’t stop on physical things. You can own a part of an advertisement, fraction of a reel video, or tokenized IP rights.

We have it all - it’s a marketplace of everything. MultiStore aggregates offers of everything under different categories. In the background, an auto-affiliate program is running, which means you will receive a share for finding a buyer for a specific item.

There is also an advanced AI recommendation feed involved, where users can recommend different products and services to each other. How is it different?

First things first, users will recommend ONLY the products they actually use and find valuable, not all the products, as it’s happening in the influencer space currently. Why won't people have an incentive to cheat? Because every user will have its track record - an onchain reputation, incentivizing positive behavior within the ecosystem.

On top of that, MultiStore can be integrated into different Candao projects. In other words, it's possible to launch digital stores for a narrowed target audience in a niche.

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