3.2.4 Unique Fee Distribution & Staking Model

On the majority of existing social media platforms, the fee distribution model is purely oriented towards the company. With that said, you probably know the fact that it’s all about the company and corporation benefiting from the fact that users spend hours (or dozens of hours) on the platform.

Is it the only solution? Of course not. Candao brings a unique fee distribution model to the table. The fee percentage will depend on the type of transaction on the platform.

How is such a model unique? The Candao model is about returning the majority of the fee back to the Creator to incentivize creating inside the protocol. The rest of the fee will be used to deliver positive things to the whole ecosystem.

Let’s take an example of the transaction between a Web3 company & a freelancer.

  • Buy-backing $CDO from the market & allocating them to staking rewards for maintenance services, which is basically providing storage to other protocol users

  • Fund the Candao operations

  • Network

  • Creator

  • Candao

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