3.2.11 Multirole

  1. Web3 Group - pages based on traditional ERC20 tokens, Group Tokens, NFTs or Social Tokens of the people.

  2. ERC20 / NFTs - Traditional tokens; groups based on existing tokens, with existing supply and market price - utility tokens and NFTs only

  3. ST - Social tokens; where users swap ST traditional ERC20 tokens

  4. BT - Brand tokens; ERC20 tokens representing the business itself - utility tokens and security tokens.

  5. GT - Group tokens; co-ownership tokens, representing physical ownership of any goods ordered by the community and delivered for the community. Managed by related smart contracts and empowered by the multirole engine, group tokens are the bridge between physical and digital world - co-ownership tokens

  6. Total value locked (TVL) - assets locked in the web3 group treasury

  7. Value Providing (VP) - illiquid value that can be provided to the web3 group; used in advertising (promotion), hiring (jobs/tasks/quests), renting/leasing/selling/contributing (any goods), licensing/royalty-free/selling (IPs) and more.

  8. Voting power (for groups) - user’s voting value within the group is summed from the all wallets connected to the onChain profile to reflect the balance of the native group token.

  9. Fees - Fees are charged in $CDO, which is the application’s layer gas. If the user doesn’t have $CDO, an auto-swap or stripe is an option.

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