3.2 Candao - Nurturing A Dual Community

Candao's ecosystem is built upon two pivotal communities: Users and Builders. The Users, referred to as BlockchainNauts, delve into the secure, innovative world of WEB3.0 within Candao's BlockchainVerse, seeking a fresh, problem-free digital experience.

They are the cornerstone of Candao's solution, vital for its functionality and success.The Builders Community, akin to Space-Stations in the BlockchainVerse, is tasked with crafting and implementing new features, utilizing Candao's core production toolkit, the Set of Engines.

This community is instrumental in expanding and enriching the BlockchainVerse.Together, these communities form the heart of Candao, driving its vision to be the genesis of the BlockchainVerse.

They are supported by a suite of features including:

  • Digital Wallet

  • Unique Staking Models

  • Multirole groups for launching initiatives

  • On-Chain Profile

  • On-chain Referral Program

  • Content Discovery Feed

  • Unique Fee Distribution Model

  • Candao’s DEX

  • P2P File Network

  • Insurance

  • Foundation

  • Store

  • Matchify

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