What Can Happen Within The Groups?

  1. Swap: Accepted tokens: ERC20 and ST.

  2. Jobs/Tasks/Quests (considering Hiring only): This transaction sees users bolstering the group's worth by initiating or joining to a collaborative employment, task, or quest arrangement. Post contract ratification by the group's decision echelons and the participant, stipulated activities must ensue.

  3. Promotion (Advertising): In this scenario, a user amplifies the group's value by initiating or participating in an advertising proposal. They join AS an influencer, endorsing the group via their social networks. The campaign materializes post-contract, with both parties' agreement, demanding the influencer's active engagement.

  4. Renting/Leasing/Selling (Physical Assets): Participants enhance group value by offering tokenized physical assets (via Candao Wallet). Post-deal confirmation, assets physically transition to group custodians. Rentals and leases generate an additional Access Token (NFT) for users utilizing the asset. A transfer of the Physical Asset (NFT) occurs solely in sales scenarios.

  5. Licensing/Licensing Royalty-Free/Selling (IPs): Users contribute value via their intellectual properties. This system safeguards the original IP holder from potential infringements while ensuring adherence to licensing or sales agreements for the group.

  6. Buy/Recommend (Preorders): Users contribute by pre ordering services/products, with transactions in liquid assets auto-converted to stablecoins. A dedicated treasury pool awaits product dispatch to the user, potentially with preferential access.

  7. Loans/Conditional Investments (Deals): Participants engage in conditional GT transactions (buy/sell/lend), influencing their VP. Specifics encompass the loan amount, APY terms (for loans), security preferences via any group-held liquid GT/ST/ERC20 tokens and result-based value release conditions. For conditional sales, users may set e.g. product delivery deadlines, failing which they can retract their investment. Transactions proceed in ERC20, GT, or ST, post contract finalization bpost-contractetween decision-makers (founders/DAO) and the user.

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