5. Candao Foundation

The Candao Foundation stands at the confluence of decentralization, community-driven initiatives, and artificial intelligence. This paper outlines the mission, role, and methodology of Candao Foundation - a cutting-edge decentralized and DAO-governed VC, accelerator, and Kickstarter rolled into one.


Empowerment through Decentralization: At Candao Foundation, we aim to revolutionize the startup ecosystem by removing traditional barriers. Our mission is to enable anyone, regardless of their background, to contribute to, participate in, and benefit from new and innovative startups.


  1. Venture Capitalist (VC): Using a DAO-governed model, community members can propose, evaluate, and fund promising projects.

  2. Accelerator: Startups under the Candao umbrella receive mentoring, resources, and networking opportunities to accelerate their growth.

  3. Kickstarter: Embracing the ethos of community crowdfunding, Candao allows projects to raise funds directly from those who believe in their vision.


  1. Multirole Engine: Powered by state-of-the-art AI, the Multirole engine is the cornerstone of Candao's methodology.

  2. Team Building: Using AI, we match individuals with projects based on their skills, interests, and the project's needs.

  3. Optimized Costs: The engine assesses the resources each startup needs, adjusting in real-time, ensuring optimal use of funds and assets

Decentralized Participation

  1. Skills: From tech development to marketing, members can contribute their skills to projects that align with their expertise.

  2. Assets: physical assets, whether it's office space or equipment, can be offered up for startups to utilize.

  3. Networking: Community members can introduce startups to potential partners, clients, or other relevant connections.

  4. Financial Contribution: Beyond traditional funding, individuals can contribute to projects they believe in.

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