7.2 User Benefits

User Experience

An exceptional user experience makes the app easy to navigate, smooth in its operations, and user-friendly. Why is this essential? Online communities thrive on user experience; if something is nice and smooth, users will love using it.


Furthermore, community members will choose Candao because of its innovative features. The Candao Protocol offers over 10 features that none of the other platforms possess. These features are highly needed in the market, and nobody has taken the time to provide them to their users.

One of the best examples is the post-targeting mechanism, allowing users to choose who can view their posts. How is this possible? Candao users are classified into groups. With this classification, if you want your post to be seen only by basketball players, you can target it to them (for free). On Facebook, you would have to pay for this. This is one of the best examples of competitive features that no other protocols, networks, or apps possess.

Monetary Incentive

The last reason why people will choose Candao is the Monetary Incentive - for the first time in history, users will literally get paid for inviting more people into the protocol. With that being said, there is an incentive to be the first and to be the first one to invite, before it's too late.

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