4. Candao For The Builders Community

Unique Income Stream Distribution Model (Q2 2024)

A major part of an INCOME STREAM (e.g., from marketing) is being redistributed to the Network. For instance, when Coca Cola buys a 1-month $ marketing campaign, creating a post describing their product or service for advertising, 40-50% goes directly to well-known, so-called publishers (Influencers, bloggers, and other SoMe owners with followers).

The remaining 50% of that deal is distributed to THE NETWORK and to Candao itself.

Let's break it down: approximately 20-30% directly fuels the network (which may vary depending on the context) based on a predefined but also dynamic algorithm. This algorithm rewards multi-roled activities in that campaign, such as referring or participating as an individual and/or within my network, and spreading this campaign in 1:1 micro-influencing behavior (not as a registered/professional Publisher), etc.

About 10-20% is allocated to Candao and serves various purposes, including redistributing some part of it—say, 20-30%—to the $CDO buyback, stimulating the $CDO market.

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