3.2.5 Candao DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

Value exchange has never been that easy. Typically, you have to go to the bank, fill out the paperwork, and waste the entire day or two just to buy your dream car, property, or set up a company.

Candao Protocol gathered both traditional assets and digital assets under one umbrella exchange protocol. Swap social tokens, brand tokens, group tokens (private placement), IP rights, contracts, options - whatever you can imagine. Tokenizing the world is the new meta.

There is one more thing - in the DeFi space, the only way of providing liquidity is through money. Within the Candao protocol, users can provide value (VP) in the form of skill sets or IP rights, using the same mechanism as in the DeFi space. With that, it's possible to make things liquid that were never liquid in history before.

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