6.1 TGE and Token Appreciation

Why CDO? Token Utility

CDO stands out for its revolutionary gas system, requiring ownership for every transaction, tapping into the prevalent social trend of active participation.

Key Utilities:

  1. Access Services: Use CDO tokens to unlock and utilize the features of different platforms and applications connected to the protocol.

  2. Application Gas: CDO tokens are required to perform any transaction on the protocol, whether it's capital fundraising, hiring people, purchasing goods and services, swapping, generating tokens, and more.

  3. Social Rewards: Like on other social media platforms, invite your friends but this time get paid for the entire community that has been created. Gain exposure to profits from each transaction through the protocol fees charged from users in your network.

  4. Earn Money: Find a job, contribute to different projects, recommend goods and services, offer your own tokens or enjoy your time by watching or recording reels/live streams. Earning money through different activities requires CDO tokens.

  5. Staking Rewards: Validate data integrity with your tokens to receive protocol rewards. The liquidity pool of Ecosystem Rewards in the Candao protocol is built from every income stream, including transaction fees, subscriptions, service charges, or any other form of income generated within the ecosystem.

  6. Save on Fees: Holding high balances of CDO tokens reduces your transaction costs on the protocol.

  7. Increase Influence: More tokens mean more voting power in the governance decisions, which include all listed tokens operating on the protocol.

  8. Exclusive Perks: Gain access to special events, exclusive communities and other benefits available only to token holders.

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