3. Candao: the Evolutionary Solution

The landscape of social media raise.

How Did It Start?

Around the year 2019/2020, decentralised blockchain economies began to emerge, fundamentally altering how financial products were previously perceived.

DeFi (short for "decentralized finance") was one of the first concepts to liberate people from traditional financial instruments and products in the modern global market.

The last great bastions of centralized digital ownership are currently Big Data Companies and Social Networks, the latter of which is responsible for a slew of pathologies and exploits on users that could easily be avoided if their business model stopped treating members as "users" and began treating them as equal partners.

Why Have Previous Social Networks Failed?

Traditional social networks have failed due to their centralization, financial asset nature, and a narrowed target group that only serves people from Web2. In addition, copy-pastes have become rampant, where multiple social networks are essentially the same product with a different name.

These problems have led to issues such as user data breaches, lack of privacy, and inability to participate in the development process of the product.

All of the above is easily accomplished through proper decentralization, which employs digital tokens not only as speculative assets but also as a means of participating in the product development process and benefiting from the product's revenue streams.

That procedure should be simple and take no more than a few minutes. Simply purchase a token and benefit from a global community capable of transforming the world.

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