4.2 Multirole Engine

Welcome to the Candao Protocol's MultiRole system, where human resources are aggregated. We all play distinct roles in our daily lives. We join Instagram as entertainment enthusiasts, LinkedIn as professionals, and sports communities as aspiring basketball players.

We all have different roles, but we split our online presence over multiple sites, making everything inefficient. MultiRole allows you to link a single profile (account) with many roles and play them in different group chats.

You can use many CANDAO apps, yet maintain a single profile and identity. This singular profile, deeply interconnected among these apps, facilitates the exchange of information about your various activities, contexts, and more, enabling you to receive rewards. Your Candao onchain profile acts as a hub of empowerment in a decentralized and distributed environment. It's akin to having your own data center's key, allowing you to perform tasks similar to those you do now, but without constant oversight, thereby enhancing the experience and enabling rewards in a seamless and efficient manner.

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