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1. Vision

Product genesis
Welcome to the innovative world of Candao!
Our vision is built on three pillars:
  • People,
  • Consensus,
  • and Gamification.
We believe in a world where everyone is a node, validator, partner, and user, all at the same time. We enter into informal social agreements to adhere to specific procedures, creating a gamified, rewards-based system that rewrites how social interactions occur in the modern world.
Candao is a social network that connects people with similar business and social goals to inspire, engage, and build values. It's different from other social networks because it's decentralized, meaning that no one person or company controls it.
This means that everyone has an equal chance to be successful and to establish a profitable business or product, and you can create and expand your business through social network communities, rather than simply making new contacts.
Candao also allows you to „own” your followers and referrals, which can help you maximize your potential by participating yourself and your community in the creation and distribution of social tokens.
By consolidating the base unit of every crypto space - people, Candao hopes to resolve the problem of progressing DeFi fragmentation once and for all.
Join us, and let's rewrite the rules of social networking together. Candao - where the future is now.
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