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11. Why People Will Love Candao?

The only place users and communities need to exist is Candao.
In today's world, people do almost everything online - pay bills, exchange knowledge, network, build companies, and spend their free time. However, they often use different applications for each task, which can be frustrating and time-consuming, as there are dozens of things to check. Candao offers a solution to this problem by providing a protocol where users can perform all of these tasks in one place.
Candao's decentralized "Over-layer" function connects different layers of blockchains, DApps, and non-chain products into a single transparent and open social space. This innovative approach addresses the digital space's fragmentation and the narrowing scope of new products. By unifying all of these requirements around the CDO token-based economy, Candao will create a space and community that can meet all of users' social networking and build the social environment for every single Web3 application that will come into the ecosystem.