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15. The Current Stage Of Product

14.1/ What has been done so far?

We're excited to share some updates on what we've been up to lately! Our team has been hard at work developing several new features for our platform. We've recently completed building a token panel, staking panel, presale panel, vesting panel, and claiming panel, as well as an on-chain referral system with rewards for referrals and users. We've also developed a non-custodial crypto wallet with seed phrase storage that uses a QR code for added security.

14.2/ What are we building right now?

In addition, we're thrilled to announce our new domains that work just like ENS, allowing users to send money with a name instead of an address. But that's not all! We're currently putting the finishing touches on a 10,000 NFT collection called Candao Heroes, and designing an on-chain profile with followers and refs, as well as a social explorer to enhance our protocol’s functionality. We'll be dropping a prototype soon, along with an unchain encrypted messenger to keep your conversations private. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!