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16. The Governance

Candao is a social network platform that prioritizes full product decentralisation and community control. While the Candao team will initially lead development, we plan to achieve full decentralisation of product governance by Q4 2026. In the meantime, we will continue to distribute CDOs and implement hybrid governance models that allow the CDO community to participate in decision-making processes.
One of the benefits of being part of the CDO community is the ability to have a say in product development. Your voting power is based on your CDO staking score, and you can submit proposals related to incentivisation, grants distribution, or flagship Candao products. To submit a proposal, you will need a pre-determined staking score.
Each governance proposal will go through three stages: proposal submission, voting to add the proposal to the active proposal list, and then a general vote on the proposal itself. Voting majority depends on the type of voting, and majority and quorum are based on your voting power, not just your wallet address.
Moreover, members who actively participate in Candao governance will earn extra activity points, which can increase their overall activity score and the rewards they receive from the ecosystem.