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2. Introduction


Candao is a blockchain-based social network that is designed to revolutionize the social media industry by addressing the shortcomings of existing platforms. The mission of Candao is to create a protocol that empowers users to take ownership of their content, data, and identity while providing a fair and equitable revenue-sharing model.
Candao achieves this by leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralized network that is governed by its users. By using blockchain, Candao ensures that user data is secure and that users have complete control over how their data is used. This approach also allows Candao to offer a transparent and fair revenue-sharing model where users are rewarded for their contributions to the protocol.

Ownership first!

One of the key features of Candao is its content ownership model. Unlike other social networks, where users give up their ownership rights when they post content, Candao allows users to retain full ownership of their content. This means that users can decide how their content is used and can even profit from it if it generates revenue.
Candao also has a unique community-driven governance model. Users have a say in how the protocol is run and can vote on key decisions such as protocol updates and revenue-sharing policies. This approach ensures that the protocol is always responsive to the needs of its users and that their interests are always the top priority.

Candao is the protocol

The most essential part: Candao operates as a protocol. The protocol forms the foundation of the entire ecosystem. All the apps built by the community, protocol members, or Candao, will be embedded into the protocol. Furthermore, the protocol's rules will remain the same from the beginning, but Creators can customize the rules of each app, such as governance, operations, legal structure, and commissions.
Overall, Candao is changing the future of social networks by putting users at the center of the platform and empowering them to take control of their data and identity. With its innovative blockchain-based approach, Candao is creating a new model for social networks that is fair, transparent, and user-focused.
Pic.1 - Visualisation of Candao profits distribution loop