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5. Product Roadmap

5.1 Early Priority Pass Sale (March)

At the middle of March 2023, Candao will be launching a Priority Pass for the first 25,000 people who register on the platform. This pass will cost 150 USDC (BEP 20) and comes with some special gifts that will set you up for success on the platform.
One of the gifts is the ability to choose your own domain name, similar to how people could choose DNS domains in the early days of the internet. This can be a great resource allocation move, as people who bought domains like,,,,, or others made tons of money.
In addition to the own domain, Priority Pass holders will also receive an NFT and an airdrop of CDOs, which will later be needed to operate on the Candao network. Don't miss this opportunity to become an early adopter and set yourself up for success on the Candao platform.

5.2 Priority Pass Sale (March - June 2023)

Candao will be hosting a Priority Pass sale that will last around 3 months, but it could be less than 3 months if the people buy the pool faster. This is a public sale, meaning that anyone can participate in it. By buying Priority Pass, you will become a part of the Candao community and help support the growth of this innovative social network.
Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the public sale and make sure you don't miss your chance to get your hands on the future of social networking.

5.3 Onchain Profile (NFT On-chain ID): Q3 2023

Every Candao account has a unique NFT that is upgraded based on the account owner's level of authentication. The Candao user profile is a comprehensive social networking tool that includes information such as profile picture, roles, social token value, market cap, value change on different timeframes, contacts, and followers.
The Candao profile is similar to platforms such as Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram, but on steroids. Users can connect their profiles to every other social medium, making it easy to share and promote their content across multiple platforms. Get ready to take your social networking to the next level with Candao.

5.4 Social Tokens & Matchify: Q4 2023

Candao's AI engine will manage feeds, potential connections, and content through a feature called Matchify. This tool recommends central boards of Candao members to ensure that users are engaging with the right content and connecting with the right people.
In addition to Matchify, Candao will also allow each user to issue their own social tokens with customizable features. These tokens act as a unique representation of the individual and can be owned by others. Investors who hold a user's social tokens will get a percentage of the revenue generated by the individual's business or startup.

5.5 Token Generation Event - April 2024

The CDO token generation event will be hosted in April 2024 and is an exciting opportunity for partners to get involved with the Candao platform. This event will be connected with special conferences and other activities designed to spread the word about Candao and generate excitement around the platform.
Getting your hands on the CDO token is a resource allocation in the future of social networking, and we encourage all interested parties to stay informed about the event and consider participating.

5.6 Disclaimer

It's important to us at Candao that we bring the best interest to all early contributors during the launch of our CDO token. That's why we aim to launch CDO in a positive market condition, to ensure a fair and prosperous launch for all those involved. However, if the market conditions don't allow for a positive launch, we may have to adjust the date of the TGE (Token Generation Event) to ensure the best outcome for our contributors. We may also be forced to postpone the launch of certain features of Candao protocol due to extermnal factors, such as technology limitations and/or limited availability of skilled personnel.
Regardless of the market conditions, we remain committed to delivering all the features we've promised to our community. We understand that our early contributors have placed their trust in us and we are dedicated to ensuring that their contribution is worthwhile.
At Candao, we believe that a transparent and open approach is crucial to building a strong and long-lasting community. We will continue to communicate with our community regularly, providing updates and insights into our progress, and we will always strive to be responsive to the needs of our users.
We are excited about the future of Candao and are confident that, with the support of our community, we can build a new definition of social networks that is decentralized, user-centric, and provides real value to our users.