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6. Candao Features

6.1 Digital assets' Wallet:

Candao's digital assets wallet provides a safe and secure place to store a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The wallet is user-friendly, with an intuitive UX and support for different assets and chains. Additionally, the wallet includes a fiat onramp to make it easy for users to buy digital assets with their local currency. Users can also display their NFTs within the wallet, making it easy to view and manage their digital collectibles.

6.1.1 Private Keys Storage

Candao will offer a user-friendly approach to private key storage, which significantly lowers the entry level for users with little technical experience. Users can save their seed phrase using a QR code that they can print out or store in a secure location, providing a simple yet secure solution for managing private keys. This feature eliminates the need to remember long, complicated passwords or phrases, making it easy for anyone to participate in the Candao ecosystem.
With the help of QR codes, users can easily store their seed phrase, recover their account in the event of a lost password, and manage their private keys without needing advanced technical knowledge.

6.2 On-chain User profile:

An on-chain profile is a truly decentralized user profile that the user has private keys to. All your content will be accessible on public storage, so every single post, song, reel, movie, or short video will be accessible only by your private keys. That means you have 100% control over published content. Additionally, all your relationships within the protocol will be visible in the wallet. That's something nobody has done before.

6.3 Social tokens:

Candao will allow each user to issue their own social tokens with customizable features. These tokens act as a unique representation of the individual and can be owned by others. The model is based on the bonding curve, described earlier.
Issuing social tokens may interfere with regulations in certain countries. In fact, the number of jurisdictions that regulate token issuances is growing. The issuance is at the sole responsibility of the member but we Candao will use best efforts to propose mechanisms limiting the risk of non-compliance.

6.4 Matchify:

Matchify will be a networking tool that profiles potential friends and acquaintances based on their roles. This feature makes it super efficient to network within the Candao ecosystem, as users can quickly find others with similar interests or job roles. Matchify simplifies the process of building relationships within the community and helps users build meaningful connections.

6.5 Content discovery feed:

The content discovery feed in Candao is intended to be similar to the "For You" page on TikTok. It will offer personalized content suggestions based on filters such as distance, profession, market cap, status, and more. This feature makes it easy for users to find new and interesting content and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in their areas of interest.

6.6 Roles:

The Roles feature in Candao will allow users to click and categorize all their interests, hobbies, and job roles in one place. This makes it easy for other users to discover people with similar interests and connect with them. The Roles feature helps users build a well-rounded profile and build a community within the Candao ecosystem based on shared interests.

6.7 Internal encrypted messenger

Candao's messenger feature will provide a secure and encrypted chat protocol for users to communicate within the ecosystem. The end-to-end encryption ensures that messages are only visible to the sender and intended recipients. Users can chat privately with individuals or within groups to discuss projects or ideas and build relationships.
The messenger also will have a feature that allows users to send and receive CDOs directly in the chat, making it easier for users to send payments or donations.
(hint: the private key will protect the privacy of messages you share with your friends)
The ability to transact within the chat eliminates the need for users to leave the ecosystem and use external payment services.
Overall, the encrypted and secure nature of the messenger feature adds an extra layer of privacy and protection for users, ensuring that their conversations remain confidential and that their transactions are secure.

6.8 Groups

Candao's Groups feature will allow users to connect with others who share their interests, hobbies, or job roles. Users can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and build their network within the ecosystem. The Groups feature also includes tools for group admins to manage their community and facilitate discussion and collaboration among members.

6.9 Governance

Candao's governance system is an essential aspect of its ecosystem. Candao intends to be a community-driven platform that allows CDO token holders to vote on proposals, protocol updates, and important decisions related to the protocol’s future direction.
The governance system is designed to be decentralized, transparent, and open, allowing all stakeholders to have a say in the protocol’;s decision-making process. This ensures that the protocol’s development is always aligned with the interests of its users.
Candao's governance system will allow CDO token holders to participate in the protocol’s decision-making process by submitting proposals, voting on them, and implementing them if they are approved. The governance system also includes a reward mechanism that incentivizes token holders to participate in the decision-making process actively. The more active a token holder is in the governance process, the more rewards they can earn.

6.10 DAOs

Candao's ecosystem will also include a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) feature. This allows users to automatically form DAOs with their tokenized assets. DAOs are a type of organization that is run by smart contracts and operate on a decentralized network. DAOs are used to manage and distribute assets, create shared resources, and make collective decisions.
Candao's DAO feature will be unique because it allows users to create and manage DAOs without requiring any technical expertise. Users can simply choose the assets they want to tokenize, select the members they want to include in the DAO, and set the rules and parameters of the organization. This allows for the creation of more community-driven and decentralized organizations, giving more power to the users.

6.11 Built-in Web3 Features

Candao’s ecosystem will also include several Web3 features, such as swaps and a Web3 browser with DApps. Web3 is the next generation of the internet, which is focused on creating a decentralized network of applications and services. Web3 features allow users to interact with the protocol in a more decentralized and transparent manner.
The swap feature will allow users to trade their digital assets directly in the wallet, without the need to enter a centralized exchange. This provides a more decentralized and efficient trading experience. The Web3 browser with DApps allows users to access a range of decentralized applications emmbed into the protocol, providing a more secure and transparent user experience.