Candao Messenger cashback
It might sound like a controversial idea, but what if communicator users were periodically rewarded purely for how much they were using the products? Imagine you would receive small dividends from Facebook, the value of which would be tightly paired to the number of messages exchanged.
Although it sounds impossible, it is exactly what the Candao Messenger incentivisation mechanism will look like. The more you chat with your friend through CM and the more transfers you choose to perform via it, the higher your cashback will be. It's as simple as that.
Candao will secure the viability of the above incentivisation mechanism with a simple logical condition: the periodical cashback received can’t be higher than 99.9% of the total cost borne by that user for Candao Messenger usage since the last cashback. This will eliminate any possibility of exploiting this mechanism by bots.
Moreover, the exact split of Candao Messenger usage cashback will be subjected to loyalty appreciation profit multipliers (please see below graph for reference).
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