How are CDO tokens embedded into products?
We believe that Candao Messenger has the potential to become the preferred global solution for both secure communication and asset/money transfer across people on the entire globe. In that sense, it would eliminate the need to use any form of meta-masks or ledger-related applications. It would also create a fair, decentralised alternative for current communicators like WhatsApp or Messenger, attracting users who do not wish their messages to be subject to any form of processing or investigation.
Transactions performed through Candao Messenger would always be the cheapest on the market, thanks to the Candao Messenger routing algorithm, which would not only find the cheapest blockchain path to perform the transaction but would also identify the cheapest alternative solution to perform it and force the same pricing, but 10-20% cheaper, making it the best possible choice for atomic swaps there is.
It is another over-laying solution connecting decentralised communities to the extent no other blockchain or cross-chain product can hope to achieve.
Candao Messenger will be tightly paired with the CDO token and will enable its long-term value accrual. Data exchange transfers performed by Candao Messenger will be subjected to a small CDO-based fee, meaning that any community member using Candao Messenger will need a small amount of CDO tokens on his/her account. All fees will be automatically re-distributed to Candao ecosystem participants through staking, liquidity rewards, and Candao Messenger cashback.
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