Another critical aspect of the Candao business model is its decentralized "Over-layer" function, which connects various layers of blockchains, DApps (eng. "Decentralized Apps"), and non-chain products into a unified, transparent, and open social space.
This approach enables us to address the digital space's growing fragmentation, in which new products are created every hour and their scope is gradually narrowed for smaller and smaller utilities.
Candao has no plans to build a massive "all-in-one" product capable of meeting all social networking and blockchain needs. It will, however, create a space and community capable of uniting all of these requirements around a common denominator - the CDO token-based economy.
That is why we developed the concept of "Over-layer," which can be defined as the creation of an overarching network space that enables members to connect and interact regardless of their individuality, the tools they are currently using, or the decentralized/centralized space to which they are accustomed.
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